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Metro County Connect provides shared ride origin-to-destination service.  For most riders this service will be curb-to-curb.

Passengers should be at the curb within sight of the vehicle while awaiting pick-up.  If the passenger is not present upon arrival, drivers will attempt to locate the passenger at the pick-up location.  If the passenger cannot be located, the driver will wait five minutes past the scheduled pick-up time.  If the passenger is not present by that time, the driver will leave and the passenger will be charged with a no show.

Metro County Connect riders who are certified as door-to-door eligible and need additional assistance due to their disability can request door-to-door service.

Drivers will assist door-to-door certified passengers from the first entry door of the passenger's pick-up address into the vehicle and from the vehicle to the first entry door of the passenger's destination address when requested.  This assistance can include support when walking or pushing a wheelchair.

To receive origin-to-destination service, the following conditions must be met:

  • The passenger must be certified with Metro County Connect as door-to-door eligible.
  • The driver must be able to maintain sight of the vehicle at all times.
  • There must be a safe and accessible path of travel from the vehicle to the entry door.
  • There must be a safe place to park on a public roadway, public parking lot or residential driveway.
  • The parked vehicle must not block or impede traffic.

If any of the above conditions are not met, the location is considered non-serviceable for door-to-door service and the driver will render curb-to-curb service.  There may be additional locations or situations where the driver cannot leave the vehicle and will render curb-to-curb service.  Drivers will always assist passengers on and off the vehicle.

Drivers are not allowed to:

  • Drive vehicles in unsafe driveways or roadways.
  • Enter a passenger's private residence.
  • Go beyond the entry door of a building to assist or locate a passenger.
  • Wait for an attendant to receive a passenger at their destination.
  • Carry packages or grocery bags.
  • Handle a service animal.
  • Operate a passenger's power mobility device.

If passengers require additional assistance they can be certified to travel with a personal care attendant (PCA) at no additional charge.

Passengers who require door-to-door service should request this service when scheduling their ride.  If assistance is required on a regular basis, passengers should notify the scheduler.