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Metro County Connect operates three kinds of vehicles:  25-passenger El Dorado buses, 11-passenger Ford Cutaway buses, and 5-passenger Ford Econoline vans.  All vehicles are marked with the Metro County Connect  logo.  You may be picked up in any of these vehicles so please watch for all three types.

All vehicles are lift-equipped.  If you need assistance boarding the vehicle, the driver will assist you.  All drivers are trained to operate the lift and mobility securement device.

Lifts will accommodate mobility devices up to 48" long and 30" wide that weigh no more than 600 pounds when occupied.  Mobility devices beyond these specifications might not be transportable.  It is the responsibility of the passenger to provide documentation of the mobility device if there is a question as to the size or weight.

Note:  If you are ambulatory and need assistance boarding the vehicle, you may request the driver to deploy the lift for boarding.